Why You Need To Do Face Pulls (Benefits And Proper Form)

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Why You Need To Do Face Pulls (Benefits And Proper Form)

Face pulls are probably the most underrated bodybuilding exercise out there. Although you'll very rarely see face pulls performed at the gym, I'd go as far as to say that every single serious lifter out there should be including these in their program.

What do face pulls work? The main muscles involved are the traps, rear delts, rotator cuffs and the smaller muscles of the mid-back.

On top of being a great exercise for building muscle in general, face pulls are also incredibly effective for improving posture, shoulder health and preventing injuries.

The vast majority of bodybuilders out there have an imbalance between the development of their chest/front delts and their upper back/rear delts (due to more emphasis on pressing movements as opposed to rowing movements), which leads to "rounded shoulder" posture and creates instability in the shoulder joint.

Face pulls with a rope directly counteract this imbalance and help to pull the shoulders back into the proper position.

Here's how to do face pulls with proper form...

** Face Pulls Proper Form

1) Set the cable at upper chest height.

2) Grip the rope using a neutral hammer grip. This face pull grip allows for a larger range of motion and greater external rotation of the shoulders on each rep.

3) With your shoulders back, chest up and shoulder blades pinched, pull the rope back towards your face as if you were trying to do a back double bicep pose.

4) Squeeze your upper back and rear delts for a full second before returning back to the starting position.

(You can watch a live demonstration of this face pull form by viewing the video above)

A good face pull rep range is about 8-12 controlled reps per set, and 3-4 sets will work well here. You can do these 2-3 times a week at the end of your back workout or shoulder workout.
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