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Make sure you're doing every exercise right and unlock faster gains!

Having the proper form when exercising is one of the first things that you are taught when you start going to the gym. The education can come from either a personal trainer or a buddy who likes to workout. Unfortunately, both can be equally unqualified to comment on correct form even despite what they look like.

Having proper form for squats, correct form for bench press, or knowing the proper way to deadlift are all very crucial for getting faster results from your workouts. These key lifts are often performed with lots of variation between lifters. While it's important to know what elements of proper form are non-negotiable for the exercise in question, others will vary and help you to establish your motor engram for the movement.

This motor engram is a stored neuromuscular pattern that helps you to more reliably fire a sequence that is necessary to perform the exercise. The only problem is, this pattern could be ingrained incorrectly and this can lead to injury and slowed muscle gains.

For exercises like squats, deadlifts, biceps curls, pushups, bench press and others...proper weight lifting form is critical. The exercises are just too big to be performed incorrectly. The downside of doing them poorly is a high risk of injury.

The best workout form and the correct form for any of these lifts will only come from practicing each move perfectly. Notice I didn't say just practice since only perfect practice makes perfect. Spend some time learning the proper way to lift and the benefits will last you long into your later training years.

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