Plank Exercise: Proper Form & Technique

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http://www.builtlean.com - Here are 3 variations of the plank exercise to help target your abs and keep your workouts fresh. Use proper form and technique when doing this exercise.

For more detail, check out the full article on BuiltLean.com: http://bit.ly/9lwR67.


MARK: Hey, it's Mark Perry from BuiltLean.com
and I want to show you three variations in the plank

and the plank is a really excellent beginner exercise
to help strengthen your core

both your abs and your lower back.

And so, the biggest mistake people do when they
do the plank

is that, uh... so you gonna go in your elbows

the biggest mistake is people either slacks
downwards or have a too high up.

And you wanna keep it pretty pretty flat.

And, here's the first variation which
is the basic plank

and you can try to time yourself and see how long
you can do it for

and if you're more advanced yo can get a plank
at the end of your abs exercise.

And so, the second version I'll show you is when
you keep your

you put one of your legs up
and the other up.

And this works your glutes a little bit and also
your lower back

that makes it a little bit more challenging

and then finally the third version,
or the third variation

is when you actually go up and
down with your hands

like this.

And this works your triceps pretty intensely
and you're still

you know, working your abs and
your lower back as well.

So, I hope that was helpful,

you know, try to add some comments, you know
if you have any questions
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