Lat Workout Tips: Proper Lat Pulldown Form

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Lat Workout Tips: Proper Lat Pulldown Form

Lat pulldowns are a great exercise to help you build bigger lats and get a wider, more impressive set of back muscles.

Unfortunately, a lot of lifters make several key errors on the execution of this lift that takes the stress off of the lats and shifts it onto surrounding muscles such as the biceps and rear delts. If you want to learn how to do lat pulldowns properly, make sure to follow these 4 simple tips...

Proper Lat Pulldown Form:

#1 - Keep an arch in your lower back and puff your chest out. This places your body into the proper position right from the start.

#2 - Lean back slightly rather than keeping your body completely straight and rigid.

#3 - Retract your shoulder blades. This is a great lat pulldown technique that most people don't utilize but that makes a big difference in your ability to activate your lats.

#4 - Focus on pulling the resistance through your elbows rather than your hands. This helps to minimize bicep involvement and allows you to build lat muscles much more effectively.

These lat pulldown tips take a bit of practice to implement with full effectiveness, but once you get the hang of it you'll end up feeling a much greater contraction in your lat muscles throughout the exercise. This is one of the very best lat exercises for mass out there, and so you definitely want to make sure that you're executing it properly in order to reap the full benefits.

Use lat pulldowns in combination with other basic back exercises such as chin ups, rows and deadlifts and you'll be well on your way to building those bigger, wider lats that really get noticed.
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