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Most guys never make any gains or muscle building progress in their body transformation journeys because they are lifting weights all WRONG!! If you want to break free from your skinny guy shackles and leave your hardgainer genetics behind you, tune in to watch my Top 4 Weight Lifting Techniques to get the most out of your bodybuilding training and bodybuilding workouts!

The monumental muscle building mistake that guys make in the gym is that they focus on HOW MUCH they are lifting when they be focusing on HOW they are actually lifting. Remember, it's not about how much you lift, it's about how you lift! And how you lift and lifting properly all comes down to 4 key weight lifting techniques: Form until failure, time under tension, progressive overload, and full range of motion.

First and foremost, form until failure means prioritizing precise and proper form above anything else. Maintaining tight and proper form during exercise is important for being in the best position to perform exercises as well as significantly reducing your risk of injury. You never want to compromise your form for heavier weights or forced extra reps. It is not worth it. You can and will get hurt. You should be able to keep proper form throughout a set within a 6-12 rep range. Once your form starts to slip, the set needs to end!

Second, time under tension. The amount of time that your muscles are actually being stimulated throughout your reps and sets is a huge factor in you getting huge! The more time your muscles are under tension, the better. I recommend a 3-5 stress targeted cadence for both the negative and positive of motions, with a slight pause and squeeze at both the point of maximum stretch and maximum contraction of your muscles, amounting to around 6-10 seconds of full tension targeted reps. That is a massive amount of time to be hitting your muscles with stress through stretches and contractions and is only possible when you lighten up the weight and really focus on achieving those maximum muscle stretches and maximum muscle contractions!

Third, progressive overload, the gradual addition of more weight to your exercises, both per set as well as over time. Progressively overloading your sets throughout your training is key in maximizing your muscle growth and potential as well as optimizing your strength and energy. The way to incorporate progressive overload into your training should be like this: Your first set, you lift a moderate weight you can perform 10-12 reps with. Your second set, you lift a moderately heavy weight you can perform 8-10 reps with. And your third and final set, you lift a heavy weight you can perform 6-8 reps with. And by "heavy," I don' t mean "struggling to lift it for your life heavy." I mean "heavy" in relativity and regards to your last 2 sets. It doesn't have to be insanely heavy, nor should it be. It should only be challenging enough.

And last but not least, the forth workout training technique is utilizing the full range of motion of every exercise. The full range of motion or full "ROM" of an exercise is basically the full movement potential of an exercise from starting point to finishing point, meaning from maximum muscle stretch to maximum muscle contraction. You never want to stop short of either of those two points within a movement if you want to really maximize your muscle building potential from your muscle building workouts. You should also control the weights on both the negative and positive of your motions. Never relieve tension from your muscles by just allowing a weight to drop down on your negatives! Always perform and control the full range of motion of every workout you perform!

And that is my very simple 4-step secret system to optimize your weight lifting training! Each of these muscle building techniques is an essential factor to your muscle building success! Never cheat on your lifts and you'll never get cheated out of results!


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