What is Fat and how can I use this knowledge to help with my weight loss goals

What Is Fat?

And How Can I Use This To Reach My Weight Loss Goals?

Fat is a form of stored energy, a building block for cell walls, and a building block for hormones that are necessary for the healthy function of our bodies. Fat generally gets a bad reputation due to the association with large bellies and unsightly thighs. 

Truth is only a portion of the fat we consume contributes to the large figure many dieters try their best to change. There are many factors at play and I will try to address these in this series of articles. But first, let us discuss what fat does in our bodies.

Fat Is Energy

Fat is a compact way to store energy. The extra calories we consume will convert into fat by our bodies as we consume more than we use. It is the slowest form of energy to break down (metabolize).

Fat Is A Building Block

Fat is essential, since it is a building block for new cells. Your Body's cells are constantly dying and regrowing new cells to replace them. This is especially true for active individuals. The increased activity, and growth / re-growth of cells will use a larger portion of the fats they eat leading to a leaner healthier figure.

Fat Is Necessary for Hormones

Fats are a building block for essential hormones. These hormones can be helpful for weight loss

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